Joseph Post

Associate Broker

San Diego - eXp Realty of Southern California, Inc. CA DRE# 02187306

eXp Realty of Southern California, Inc. CA DRE# 02187306

About Joseph Post

With a career spanning 46 years, I bring a wealth of diverse experience to my role in residential real estate sales. My journey began in the construction industry, where I dedicated the initial 14 years of my professional life. During these formative years, I honed my skills and gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the construction trade. Click Here to see my latest Interior Renovation Video

As my career progressed, I transitioned into the residential lending industry, where I spent a total of 5 years. The first three serving as a retail lender, collaborating closely with my clients to secure loans with the best terms tailored to their unique needs. This hands-on experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the lending process and the importance of personalized financial solutions.
In the subsequent years, my role evolved into that of a wholesale loan account executive. In this capacity, I had the privilege of working alongside mortgage brokers, bridging the gap between their submissions and our internal underwriting and funding departments. I acted as the liaison, ensuring the smooth and efficient processing of loans. This role emphasized the importance of teamwork and effective coordination, qualities I continue to apply in my current career.

My decision to transition to residential real estate sales after five years in lending was driven by my passion for helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams. Drawing upon my extensive background in both construction and lending, I bring a unique set of skills and insights to my real estate clients, who encompass both buyers and sellers.

My 14-year tenure in the construction industry instilled in me a keen eye for property quality, potential, and value. This perspective enables me to guide buyers in making informed decisions and to assist sellers in presenting their properties in the best possible light. Moreover, my experience in the lending sector equips me with the ability to navigate the complexities of financing, providing clients with a holistic understanding of the real estate transaction process.

In my role as a residential real estate professional, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring that each client's journey in the real estate market is a successful and satisfying one. With my diverse background, unwavering commitment, and extensive industry knowledge, I am well-equipped to help clients achieve their real estate goals.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and leverage my 46 years of combined experience in construction, lending, and real estate to make your real estate dreams a reality.